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襄阳第四人民医院解脲支原体的治疗费用襄阳有几家医院专看前列腺炎.南漳县妇幼保健中医院看妇科多少钱 #6579;Part . Opting a slower pace of life in the 1st century.A. Keywords. life, fast, slow down.Vocabulary. embrace, drench.Now listen to the first part of a report on how some people opt a slower pace of life in the 1st century. Read the outline first, while listening focus on some supporting details. Then answer the questions.As you may have noticed life is fast-paced.We travel on bullet trains and jets. News comes to us at the speed of light.And with cell phones and the Internet and of course, fast food, most people rush through their days, trying to do more in less and less time.But not everyone. Some people are trying to slow down, and instead of racing through life, actually experience it.Journalist Carl Honore admits that not long ago his life was a breathless race with time.;In the old days, when I was a speedaholic, if you like, my whole life was just a long list of things to do.To finish all those tasks, day after day, Mr Honore says he became obsessed with saving time whenever he could... a minute here, a few seconds there.He says people usually dont realize that their whole life has turned into an exercise in hurry up until they get a wake up call... and something stops them in their tracks.Mr Honore wake up call came three years ago when he began ing bedtime stories to his 3-year-old son.Id go into his room at the end of the night and I just couldnt slow down.Id be speed ing The Cat in the Hat, which is ridiculous. I heard about a series called one-minute bedtime story, which is a horrible idea, but in my first reaction was, What a great idea, I must get some.And that when I caught myself, and I just thought ;No, this has gone too far.;To improve the quality of life, Mr Honore says, people need to embrace what he calls ;the philosophy of slow;.;I think that one of the cultural assumptions we make nowadays is that slow is bad and that slowing down means being lazy, or unproductive or giving up.But the opposite is true. Now more than ever in this high-tech 7 technology drenched society, we need moments if slowness.When you work more slowly, you actually work better, your productivity goes up.So you know, sometimes you have to go fast at work. People need to do things at the right speed.They need to re-learn the lost art of shifting gears. 503Maya:Isnt this baby precious? She is just darling. Coo chi coo.玛雅:这小宝贝儿多可爱啊她就是个小可人儿看这儿看这儿Jean-Paul:Why do women fawn over babies?让保罗:为什么女人喜欢婴儿?One baby looks pretty much like any other.看起来和其他差不多啊Maya:You wouldnt say that if youd ever spent time with babies.玛雅:要是你肯花时间和孩子在一起就不会那样说了Come over here and look at this one.过来看看She a doll and her face is so expressive.她活像个娃娃,快看她的脸蛋儿Arent you a little doll? Arent you?你不就是个小娃娃吗?不是这样?Jean-Paul:Im not wasting my time looking at a little brat. Let go.让保罗:我不想浪费时间看个小顽童我们走吧Maya:Wait, she smiling. Come look!玛雅:等下,她在笑呢快看!Jean-Paul:She has gas and needs to be burped. I dont even need to look at her to know that.让保罗:她那是需要打嗝我甚至不看就知道Maya:You wouldnt say that if you looked at her face.玛雅:你快来看看这张小脸蛋儿She has the most angelic expression on her face and the sweetest temperament.她有最天般使的表情,还有最甜美的气质Jean-Paul:Whatever.让保罗:与我何干Maya:Just come over here and look at her.玛雅:过来看看她Jean-Paul:Youre not going to let me leave without looking at her, are you?让保罗:要是不看她,你不会让我离开?Maya:I think youll find her just as lovable and adorable as I do.玛雅:我认为你会发现她和我一样可爱惹人怜Jean-Paul:All right, let take a look at this precious darling of an angel with an expressive face.让保罗:好的,让我看看这个可爱的有着天使脸庞的小宝贝儿Maya:See what I mean?玛雅:是不是像我说的那样?Jean-Paul:She is, well, kind of cute and cuddly.让保罗:她是有点可爱Maya:When you see her dont you just want to...玛雅:你看着她你是不是想…Jean-Paul:Coo chi coo. Coo chi coo.让保罗:看这儿看这儿 50襄阳市阴茎生殖器疱疹治疗皮炎医院

宜城市医院男科The Massie Trial; concept versus content versus context; whereas versus while; [month]+[date] versus [date] of [month]Words:to flag downto rapeevidenceto frameverdicthung juryto confessto be outragedlynchingtemporarily insaneto testifyto commute a sentenceconceptcontentcontextwhereaswhile 3襄阳樊城区人民中心医院看妇科好不好 Flight attendant:Im sorry, sir, but all passengers need to turn off their portable electronic devices takeoff, so youll need to turn off your laptop.空:抱歉,先生,所有乘客需要在起飞前关掉便携式电子设备,所以你要关掉电脑Alec:I just need to finish one last email.亚历克:我需要搞完最后一封电子邮件Flight attendant:Sir, we cant take off until you turn that computer off.空:先生,直到你关掉电脑,我们才能起飞Alec:Fine. It off. Why all the fuss, anyway?亚历克:好吧瞧,已经黑了大惊小怪吧?Flight attendant:It regulations.空:这是规定Signals emitted by electronics may interfere with the plane communication systems or navigation.电子设备发出的信号可能会干扰飞机的通信系统或导航Alec:All right.亚历克:明白Flight attendant:Sir, youll also need to turn off your tablet computer and your cell phone.空:先生,你还需要关掉你的平板电脑和手机Those are also considered portable electronic devices.这些也是便携式电子设备Alec:Youve got to be kidding me.亚历克:你在和我开玩笑吧You mean I have to sit here twiddling my thumbs while I wait the plane to take off?你的意思是我要坐在这里无所事事地等待飞机起飞?I thought the FAA eased up on those regulations.我觉得美国联邦航空局该放宽这些规定了Flight attendant:Im afraid not, sir.空:恐怕不行,先生Please power down all of your devices so we can proceed with takeoff.请关闭所有的设备,以便我们可以继续起飞Alec:Okay, fine. What am I suppose to do until we get the all clear to use our electronics again?亚历克:好吧直到能打开这些电子玩意儿前我该干点什么?Flight attendant:Perhaps you could a magazine.空:或许你可以翻翻杂志Alec:That what I was doing on my tablet bee you made me turn it off.亚历克:在你让我关掉平板之前我就在干这个Flight attendant:Perhaps you could take a flying leap out the window.空:也许你瞩目远眺窗外的美景Alec:What did you say?亚历克:你说什么?Flight attendant:I said, “Look at that luggage heap out the window.”空:我意思是看看窗外那个行李堆” 7535襄阳杂菌性龟头炎

铁四局一处襄樊医院治疗直肠炎多少钱 Paula:Okay, Im off to bed.宝拉:好的,我去睡觉了Marcus:Wait a second. Where are you going with all of those pill bottles?马卡斯:等等你拿着这些药瓶是要去哪里?Paula:My doctor prescribed a couple of medications to help me sleep.宝拉:我的医生开了一些药来有助于我的睡眠Marcus:Let me see those.马卡斯:让我看看You have four different medications here.你这里有四种不同的药物This is a painkiller, this is a sedative, this is a tranquilizer, and this is a stimulant.止痛药,镇静药,麻醉药,兴奋剂Paula:I dont take that last one when I go to bed.宝拉:睡觉的时候我不吃最后一种Marcus:You mean you take the first three every night?马卡斯:你的意思是每天晚上吃前三种?Paula:Not every night.宝拉:也不都是每个晚上Marcus:I cant believe that your doctor would prescribe all three of these medications just to help you sleep.马卡斯:我不能相信你的医生会开这三种药物来帮助你的睡眠This seems like overkill.这似乎有点过量了Paula:I saw more than one doctor. They each gave me a different prescription.宝拉:我看的不止是一位医生他们每人都给了我不同的药Marcus:How do you know they wont interact and produce side effects?马卡斯:你怎么知道它们不会相互作用并产生副作用?Paula:A doctor prescribed each one. Im sure theyre safe.宝拉:每一瓶都是医生开的我相信是安全的Marcus:Yes, but does the left hand know what the right hand is doing?马卡斯:是的,但医生们之间通过气吗?Im confiscating these until you can talk to a doctor or pharmacist to make sure you wont overdose by taking all three of these at one time.我要没收这些,直到你去看医生或药剂师,以确保一次吃这三种不过量Paula:But how will I fall asleep until then?宝拉:但到那时为止我要怎么睡觉?Marcus:Youre always telling me how boring I am.马卡斯:你总是告诉我我有多无聊Ill just regale you with stories of my youth.我会用自己年轻时的故事让你真心明白Let start at the beginning. My earliest memory is...让我们从头开始我记得那时候… 59谷城县治疗尿道炎多少钱老河口第一医院联系电话



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