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In Enter the Dragon, the first scene in the movie, they have mixed martial arts gloves.Those are almost exactly the same kind of gloves we fight in today.So the gear he used back then is the same year we use today.;龙争虎斗;中的最初打斗场景 他们戴着综合格斗手套,和我们现在用的手套相差无几,那时他就用上了我们现在才用的装备。And you see Bruce Lee hit it takedown in go into to an arm bar,which, before UFC, the general public didn#39;t know what arm bar is.可以看到 李小龙一记后踹马上接反夹臂,而终极格斗大赛之前 大家都对此很陌生。But now looking back, 30 years back, 40 years back, we#39;re seeing before anyone really knew what it was, he was employing these tactics.And while Bruce Lee#39;s Jeet Kune Do revolutionized the world of martial arts,his approach to health and physical fitness would change the way other athletes and sports people train their bodies forever.但现在看来 30年也好 40年也好 公众还不知道 我们还只是见过 而他却已经用于实战了,而当李小龙的截拳道席卷世界搏击界的同时,他的健身健美方式也深深地改变其他运动员。Martial artists and sportsmen admired him for his physical dexterity, power and speed.Philosophers respect him for bridging the philosophical divide between east and west.But here at Gold#39;s Gym in Venice Beach, California,are another group of people who hold Bruce Lee up as inspiration for their community: the bodybuilders.格斗家和运动员钦慕他 因为他展示了身体柔韧性 力量和速度,哲学家尊重他 因为他融合了东方哲学与西方文明,而这儿 加利福尼亚海滩的Gold#39;s Gym中,另一群人也同样把李小龙尊为他们的灵感之源: 健美运动员。Gold#39;s Gym is the Mecca of bodybuilding.It was here Arnold Schwarzenegger trained, and where many of the world#39;s champion bodybuilders come to hone their physiques.金色训练场号为健美圣城,阿诺 施瓦辛格曾在此训练 而其他很多健美世界冠军也常来此磨砺体格。Flex Wheeler was one of the most successful body-builders of his generation,winning numerous titles before retiring in 2002.弗莱克斯 惠勒是与他同时代的健美运动员中最成功之一,2002年退役之前曾获无数头衔。Probably two of the biggest things that Bruce Lee was known as far as his physical attributes,one would be his lats, #39;cause he has incredible lats, and then also his abs.同身体条件一样久负盛名 李小龙还另有其二,一是他的背阔肌 简直难以置信 再就是他的腹肌了.Another thing also would be from the rear, his back.In body-building, we call it Christmas tree.So for a person, you know, having a Christmas tree back in that area is just profoundly unknown or unheard of.关于他的背肌还有段佳话,健美界中 我们都称为;圣诞树;,正常人来说 背肌呈;圣诞树;简直是闻所未闻 见所未见。 Article/201402/274766Be the girl everyone is staring at when you emerge from the ocean -- and not because your boobs have fallen out.当你从海水中走出来的时候,成为众人目不转睛的焦点——不过千万不要是因为走光了。You Will Need你需要A one-piece bathing suit一件式泳衣Double-stick tape双面胶Leave-in hair conditioner with sunscreen含有防晒霜的免洗护发素Tinted sunscreen有色防晒霜Waterproof mascara防水睫毛膏An eyelash curler卷睫夹Clear lip gloss or nude lipstick透明唇或裸色唇膏Vaseline凡士林Oversized dark sunglasses超大号墨镜Bronzer古铜色化妆品Steps步骤STEP 1 Buy a one-piece1.购买一件式泳衣Buy a one-piece bathing suit; it will stay in place better than a bikini.购买一件式泳衣,相对于比基尼,更不容易走位。Secure the back of your bathing suit with double-stick tape; there’s nothing sexy about picking your swimsuit out of your butt.用双面胶把泳衣后部固定;泳衣不小心嵌到屁股里可一点都不性感。STEP 2 Condition your hair2.头发保湿Comb generous amounts of leave-in conditioner through your hair. Look for one with sunscreen.用大量免洗护发素梳理头发。最好选择含有防晒霜成分的护发素。STEP 3 Pick a hairstyle3.选择发型Put your hair in a wave-proof style, like cornrows, braids, or a high ponytail.把头发梳成不怕海浪的造型,比如玉米辫子,发髻或高高的马尾。Unless you aly have a gorgeous tan, slap on some bronzer.拍一些古铜色化妆粉,除非你的肤色已经非常阳光。STEP 4 Apply discreet makeup4.谨慎的妆容Look like a natural beauty by applying tinted sunscreen, waterproof mascara (to curled eyelashes), and clear lip gloss or a lipstick that’s the exact shade of your lips. Tame brows with some Vaseline.涂抹有色防晒霜,防水睫毛膏,把睫毛夹卷,涂抹和嘴唇阴影同色系的透明唇或唇膏,看上去天生丽质。用一些凡士林滋润眉毛。STEP 5 Do “the walk”5.走猫步Do the model walk as you emerge from the surf. Put one leg directly in front of the other with your head high, your shoulders squared, and your torso slightly back. Pretend you are on a runway in Milan.从海水中走出来时,走模特一样的猫步。头部高高扬起,一条腿走在另一条腿的正前方,肩膀挺直,躯干稍微向后。假装自己是在米兰时装周的走秀台上。When your feet are still obscured in the water, walk on your tiptoes to make your legs look long and sleek.双脚仍然隐匿在海水中的时候,脚趾着地走路,让双腿看上去更加修长。STEP 6 Look haughty6.看上去傲慢一点Have a confident, slightly haughty look on your face as you slowly make your way to your spot on the beach.当你缓慢地走向沙滩时,面部表现出自信,稍微傲慢的表情。STEP 7 Pick up your towel7.拿起毛巾Pick up your towel without bending your knees. Flick the excess water from your hair as you gently pat yourself dry.不要弯曲膝盖,拿起毛巾。擦掉头发上多余的水分,然后轻柔地把身体擦干。STEP 8 Don oversized sunglasses8.戴上超大号墨镜Don dark, oversized sunglasses so you can discreetly check out the guys checking you out.戴上一副超大号墨镜,这样你就可以毫无顾忌地看一下哪些男孩在欣赏你。The 1976 poster of Farrah Fawcett in a red bathing suit sold over 12 million copies.1976年,法拉·福塞特一张身穿红色泳衣的海报售出了超过1200万份。视频听力译文由。 Article/201408/319346在帮助有语言障碍的自闭症儿童的工作中,阿吉特-纳拉亚南勾画出一种用图片来思考语言的方法,将文字和概念用“地图”联系在一起。这个想法现在成就了一个应用,它帮助有语言缺陷的人们交流,而在这背后的大构想,一个叫做“Free Speech”的语言概念,拥有激动人心的潜力。 Article/201409/325297

养育一个和你有本质差异的孩子(他/她可能是神童,残疾人或罪犯)有着怎样的感触?在这个平和且感人至深的演讲中,作家安德鲁·所罗门分享了他和诸多父母的交谈:关于无条件的爱和无条件的接纳之间的那条线 Article/201408/319861Yeah, it#39;s manipulative. And old-fashioned. And kind of unseemly. But it works.是的,这确实有点摆布人,而且有点老掉牙,似乎不体面,但却行之有效。You Will Need你需要A guy you like喜欢的男孩And a lot of self-control很强的自控能力Steps步骤STEP 1 Don#39;t make the move1.不要采取主动Don#39;t make the first move. Though it will likely get you a date—with a whopping 90% success rate—it will be for the wrong reasons. Basically, he#39;ll think you#39;re easy—and treat you accordingly.不要采取主动。尽管可能会获得约会机会——而且成功率高达90%——然而这不是正确的理由。基本来说,他会认为你很容易追到手,从而不会珍惜。STEP 2 Don#39;t be too eager2.不要太迫切When a man who interests you starts a conversation, be friendly—but don#39;t act too eager. Eagerness can easily be misconstrued as desperation, which is never attractive.当你感兴趣的男子开始和你对话时,可以友善一点,但是不要表现得太迫切。迫切通常会被误解为拼命,看上去可没那么有吸引力。Always be the first to end the conversation, even if you could look into his baby blues all night.总是主动结束对话,尽管你整晚都沉醉在他蓝色的眼眸中。STEP 3 Don#39;t call first3.不要首先打电话Never call him first unless you have an outstanding reason—like you#39;ve snared tickets to the Super Bowl and want to know if he#39;s free to go.永远不要首先给他打电话,除非你有非常出色的借口——比如你抢到了超级碗的门票,想问一下他有没有时间一起去看。STEP 4 Take your time4.放松一点Don#39;t be too quick to return that first call—and don#39;t explain why it took you so long to get back. If he asks, be vague.Make him wonder what you#39;re up to.不要太快回复第一次电话,也不会花费时间解释为何让他等了那么长时间。如果他问的话,可以回答得模糊一点。让他猜测你的心思。Don#39;t talk about your romantic past. Better to be mysterious than to divulge past loves or—worse—admit you haven#39;t had a date in years.不要谈论你的罗曼史。神秘一点总好过泄露自己的情史——更糟糕的是,坦白自己过去几年都没有约会。STEP 5 Don#39;t accept every offer5.不要接受每一个邀请Don#39;t accept every offer of a date. Ideally, you should be politely declining about half of his invitations because you#39;re genuinely busy. But even if you#39;re not, pretend that you are.不要接受每一次约会邀请。最理想的是,礼貌地拒绝大约半数的邀请,因为你真的很忙。但是即使你不忙,也要假装很忙。Don#39;t cancel other plans to be with him—unless he#39;s got a private jet waiting to fly you to Paris for dinner.不要取消和他在一起的其他计划——除非他的私人飞机等着载你去巴黎共享晚餐。STEP 6 Refrain from sex6.控制欲望Hold off sex for as long as you can stand it. Nothing torpedoes a romance faster than inhaling someone#39;s morning breath or having to stay awake listening to them snore before you really know and love—or at least like—them.尽可能长时间的控制欲望。没有人们比真正了解或爱上对方,至少喜欢上对方之前一大早就闻到对方的口气或听他们打呼噜更破坏浪漫气氛的了。STEP 7 Book the minister7.预约登记Book the minister. He#39;s hooked!预约登记吧。他已经上钩了!Fifty-seven percent of men say they change their sheets ;for the first time in ages; before a first date.57%的男子表示他们在第一次约会之前才几年来第一次换床单。视频听力译文由。 Article/201408/317508

Maize culture faces two new problems, one being the use of maize as a bio-fuel and the increment of prices, where it directly affects the Mexican population. The other problem being the genetically-modified maize, it#39;s almost personally offensive-and religiously-that you are playing God, as it were...it#39;s just very sensitive. Especially when you take corn to be used for other purposes other than to be eaten or be worshipped, but rather to be put into a car-it becomes a highly controversial issue.#39;“现在玉米文化面临着两个新问题,其一便是玉米作为生物燃料之后,价格不断升高,这直接影响到了墨西哥的人口增长。另一个问题是转基因玉米,这几乎是一种对个人与宗教的攻击。人类怎么可以扮演神灵的角色?这本来是神灵的权力。所以这问题相当敏感。特别是现在你不是把玉米拿来吃或者崇拜,而是拿来作为汽车输料?!这问题真是相当具有争议性。”So even today for some people it#39;s unthinkable that maize, the divine food, should end up in a petrol tank. Well beyond Mexico, the idea of genetic modification of crops still causes deep unease, as much religious as scientific-a sense that the natural order is being disturbed, that humans are trespassing on territory that#39;s properly reserved for the gods. In a very real sense, the Mexican maize god is still alive, and he#39;s not to be trifled with.所以即使在今天对于一些人来说,神圣食品玉米居然要被运用到汽车油箱里,这简真是不可理喻。而且在墨西哥以外的地方转基因农作物还是引起人们深刻的不安,不无是从科学还是宗教角度而言,人们感觉自然秩序被打乱了,或者人类正在入侵到为神保留的神圣领域。In our next programme, we#39;ll be turning from the food of the gods to the vessels that it#39;s cooked in. We#39;ll be in Japan, with some of the oldest pottery in the world, and the birth of the stew.在我们下一期的节目里,我们把目光从食物之神转向烹制食物的器皿。我们将会到达日本,去寻访世界上最古老的陶器,以及炖锅的诞生。 Article/201405/295022In such a crowded land, a tradition of eating everything with very little waste could be seen as commendable thrift.在这样拥挤的地方,用很少的消耗遍吃百物的传统,可能被看做值得称赞的节俭。The problem is that there are so many people eating wild food in south China, that the illegal supply chain stretches well beyond its borders, contributing to the disappearance of wildlife not only within China, but from other countries, too.问题是中国南方有这么多人在食用野生动物,非法食物供应链一直延伸并超越了国界,使得野生动物消失,不仅在中国境内,而且也包括其他国家。A visit to a traditional Chinese medicine shop reveals another aspect of the use of animals and plants. Dr. So has been practising for over 20 years. The most important part of his diagnosis is the pulse, examined in several places. Dr. So also observes the colour of the tongue and eyes, and asks questions about the patient#39;s taste, smell and even dreams.拜访一家中药店会发现动植物另一方面的作用。宋医生行医20多年了。他最重要的诊断方法是在不同部位号脉。宋医生也观察舌头和眼睛的颜色,并询问病人的味觉嗅觉甚至是梦。 重点讲解:1. see as认为;把…看作;eg. Others saw it as a betrayal.别人认为这是一种背叛。eg. The status quo is seen as untenable.维持其现状的观点看来是站不住脚的。2. contribute to促成;促使;是导致…的原因之一;eg. The report says design faults in both the vessels contributed to the tragedy.报告说两艘船存在的设计缺陷也促成了这场悲剧的发生。eg. A poor business plan and weak sales contribute to the closure of the company.差劲的经营规划与业绩不佳导致那家公司倒闭。 /201409/326430Obama Hopes For Crimea Referendum #39;Rethink#39;The White House declares it will not recognise Sunday#39;s proposed vote as it pushes Moscow to end the dispute新闻背景:美国总统奥巴马在白宫会见乌克兰过渡政府总理亚采纽克,强调乌克兰克里米亚归属问题的公投是不合法的,称承认临时政府有责任填补亚努科维奇“出逃”后的权力真空。这或许是在向俄罗斯传递信息,即美国承认乌克兰过渡政府。3月16日克里米亚将举行公投,克里米亚问题成为两人会晤的焦点。奥巴马承认,现在乌克兰最为紧迫的挑战是“主权和领土完整面临威胁”,即克里米亚可能脱离乌克兰并入俄罗斯。“总统先生对于会面非常期待”,白宫发言人卡尼表示,“我认为这将再次强调这一事实,即美国认为乌克兰过渡政府有责任填补亚努科维奇出逃后的权力真空”。奥巴马称,克里米亚公投系俄罗斯“接管”克里米亚后策划的草率公投,违反乌克兰宪法和国际法,美国不承认公投的合法性,也不会承认公投结果。 The pro-Russian billboards are everywhere now as Ukraine faces up to its future. At the press conference we were told election cards were about to be printed the polling stations will be in set up.“ the people we#39;ve spoken to are very confused on how on earth they they can vote in this referendum.”“Yes, I agree. This referendum isn’t far away. We guarantee all the Crimeans are all informed and know about the referendum.”Try telling that to Gal Galina, a pro Ukrainian , mother of ten. “I don’t have any information. I haven’t received any voting cards yet. I don’t like how Russia acts right now. They are making all the promises, but I’m not sure they will keep them.”“it’s not legal. It’s not.” Marcia wants to act, she says the steps we are sitting on are aly Russian. “where are you gonna go?” “USA, or Europe. Somewhere. I hope the government from Europe or USA will be allowed us to go there.”Toke of scrapping the Ukrainian currency in favor of the Russian Rouble made people nervous about their money here.I want to take my salary out. I#39;ve got 500 on one card and 500 on anotherI don#39;t know what the future will be for this country. Under my pillow.The best place for your money is under your pillow.It#39;s not bad.So we took our translator to a local polling office to see what information was on offer. After five minute inside, we were told to go somewhere else.But that was anything but simple. There wasn#39;t an office in there. Two women who were pouring over reams of paper look like an electoral roll but it#39;s buried right in the middle of the school and there is tiny sign on the wall which suggests that this could become a polling station on March, 16.But when our translator went in, she is from this area.she will vote in this referendum.She was told to get out. They shouted at her. So it#39;s very confusing. The Crimean government had promised a fair referendum.G7 leaders want the vote called off. In the middle of the Crimean Capital,Russian armoredvehicles on the outskirts until now but they are ranging closer to the center. /201403/280855

There#39;s a common theme to the greatest innovations in American history,在美国历史上最伟大的创新都有一个共同的主题and that is these were things that helped people or goods or ideas travel about more freely.即是为了帮助实现人、商品、思想更自由地流动The Interstate Highway becomes the biggest engineering project in American history.州际高速公路成为美国史上最大的工程It costs the nation 9 billion.耗资1290亿美元2.4 billion man hours of hard work.24亿个艰苦工时And just like the railroads a century before it#39;s built with manual labor and sheer grit.就像一个世纪之前的铁路一样,它建立在人力的劳作和无畏的精神之上America#39;s landscape has been shaped by transportation.美国地貌由此被运输改变The transcontinental railway opened up half a billion acres of land and 8 new states.横贯大陆的铁路开发了5亿英亩的土地 催生了8个全新的州200,000 miles of track huhn out of hostile terrain.20万英里的铁轨从险峻的地形中喷薄而出Faced with a mountain,find an inventive way of blowing it up.面对崇山峻岭 千方百计把它攻克Nitroglycerin, black powder, dynamite.硝化甘油 黑火药 炸药The Interstate is the largest earth-moving project in the history of the world.州际高速公路工程建设的运土规模之宏大在世界上无出其右One and a half million tons of explosives.动用了150万吨炸药4.2 billion cubic yards of earth removed.搬运了42亿立方码的泥土Enough to fill more than 8 million football stadiums.足以填满800万余个足球场We can build anything, we damn will, please,只要想建 我们没什么建不成的we#39;re going to go about it.现在轮到了州际公路And it did change the country.它也确实改变了美国The Freeways, the Interstate Highway System.高速公路 州际公路系统It connected the cities in a way that no one had seen before on a level no one had seen before.把各个城市以一种前所未有的方式连接起来 超乎任何人的想象Today there are 46,876 miles of Interstate Highways.如今 州际高速公路总长46876英里Enough to wrap nearly twice around the world.足以把地球绕上两圈 /201303/228986这个演示 -- 来自Pattie Maes在麻省理工的实验室,由Pranav Mistry演示 -- 在TED大受好评。这是一个可佩带的带有一个投影仪的设备,为我们与周围环境的互动带来了新的启发。想象一下《少数派报告》吧。 Article/201311/263178

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