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They speak differently, they look different,they take what they want when they want,他们说着不同的语言 长着不同的面孔 只要想要 他们就会夺走一切and then rubber-stamp the decision in your courts.在你的宫廷之内肆意妄为They also build differently.他们的建筑风格也炯然不同Ely Cathedral is one of those places where the intimate scale of Saxon churches伊里大教堂就是这样一处地方 撒克逊人建造的小型规模的教堂was replaced by a statement of massive triumphalism.被大量宣扬必胜主义的建筑所取代These columns speak of authority and raw power.They command obedience and reverence.这些圆柱象征了权威和原始力量 他们使人顺从 使人敬畏They are, in the most literal sense, awesome.他们的的确确 很了不起It was the difference between the immense Romanesque bulk of the great Norman cathedrals比起诺曼人建造的 大多数巨大的罗马式大教堂and the small spaces of the Saxon chapel.与撒克逊人狭小的教堂截然不同There is another telling difference between the old and new rulers of England:Anglo-Saxons didnt use surnames.另一迥然不同之处在于 英格兰新老统治者之间 盎格鲁撒克逊人没有姓They were Cedric or Edgar of somewhere or other.有些地方叫做塞德里克或埃德加的不在少数But the Normans incorporated places into their own names like an act of possession.诺曼人便把地名加入了他们的名字中 就像是某种所有权They were Roger of the beautiful hill, Roger Beau-Mont as the place was theirs and they owned it lock, stock and barrel.比如;峻山上的罗杰; 就如这些地方是属于他们的 完全属于他们In fact, preserving the estate intact was what the Norman nobility was all about.事实上 原封不动的保存建筑物 是诺曼人高尚品质的最佳体现It was they who introduced the practise of passing on whole estates intact to one heir, to the elder son.正是他们引入了这项制度 将整个建筑物 原封不动地传给作为继承人的长子 /201608/461199栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/464437As the water sweeps into the Okavango洪水铺盖了奥卡万戈a vast area of the Kalahari is transformed into a fertile paradise.卡拉哈里的广大地区变成了富饶的天堂Nowhere on our planet is the life giving power of water so clearly demonstrated.地球上没有其它地方能比这里更能清楚地明水对生命的意义The Okavango becomes criss-crossed with trails as animals move into its heart.动物们逐渐进入奥卡万戈的中心地带,这里的路变得纵横交错The new arrivals open up paths like arteries along which water flows, extending the reach of the flood.新来者开辟了新的干道,洪水流淌在这些“动脉”中,不断向外扩展This is an Africa rarely seen - a lush water world.这是非洲难得一见的胜景,一个和谐繁荣的水世界Some creatures are completely at home here.有的动物干脆在这里安家These are lechwe - antelope with hooves that splay widely,这些是赤列羚,这种羚羊的蹄子张得很开enabling them to move its speed through the water.使它们能在水里快速奔走For others the change is far less welcome.而有些动物却不是很喜欢这种改变Baboons are somewhat apprehensive bathers.狒狒在水里多少有些不安。201702/491897On this run, Ive got no ice axe.这次 我没带冰镐To stop, you got to roll over,raise your body up,要停下来 你必须翻过身 撑起身体and dig hard into the snow with your hands and feet.手脚并用 尽力往雪里插Very fast,faster than expected.非常快 比想象中的快多了But exactly how fast?37 miles an hour.具体速度多少 每小时六十公里Youd get a ticket in an urban place in the U.K. with that speed.这速度在英国市区 就要领罚单了With no ice axe,stopping my slide was a real challenge.It took 180 feet.在没有冰镐的情况下 想停下来绝非易事 一共滑行了五十五米Thats half the length of a football field.那有半个足球场的长度了Now to head back to the top and try again,this time with an ice axe.再回山顶试一次 这次用冰镐And how much quicker can I stop?这回能比上回快多少呢An ice axe like this can massively help you arrest the fall.这样的冰镐 是下滑中的制动法宝The danger is youre traveling very fast,不过在高速下滑过程中它也是个危险youve got something very sharp,very close to your body and close to your head.如此锋利的刀面 会紧邻你的身体 甚至你的头部It just means you got to be absolutely certain of your technique before you go.这也就意味着 你必须在下滑前 确保它万无一失Okay, hitch these up again, do my Simon Cowell.Okay, here we go.提紧裤子 看着我点 我上了201703/497860I thought about this long and hard over the summer, and Ive decided the right thing to do is to stand down as the member of Parliament for Witney.整个夏天,我都在仔细考虑这件事,斟酌了很久。我最终认为,正确的决定就是不再担任威特尼选区议员。Former British Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned from Parliament, effectively ending his political career.英国前首相卡梅伦已辞去议员职务,彻底退出政坛。He told ITV on Monday he didnt want to be a ;distraction; for new Prime Minister Theresa May.周一卡梅伦在ITV上表示,他不想对新任首相特雷莎·梅造成干扰。Cameron had served as a member of Parliament since 2001.自2001以来,卡梅伦一直担任议会议员。His resignation comes nearly three months after he stepped down as prime minister in the aftermath of the Brexit vote. 英国退欧后卡梅伦辞去首相一职,如今近三月后辞去议员职务。The British people have made a very clear decision to take a different path. And as such, I think the country requires fresh leadership to take it in this direction.英国人民已经做出非常明确的决定,走上一条不同的道路。因此,我认为这个国家需要新的领导带领它前行。Cameron said in a statement Monday it had been an honor to serve the people of Witney, and he has ;every confidence that Britain will thrive; under Mays leadership.卡梅伦周一在声明中表示,他一直很荣幸为威特尼人民务,他相信在特雷莎·梅的领导下英国将继续繁荣。译文属。201609/466337

Shallow river water is deceptive and could lead the unexperienced into a full sense of security.浅浅的河水不过是欺骗性的表象 会让没有经验的人 误以为很安全I wanna be across this river as quickly as I can.Slippy.these rocks are aggressive.我希望能尽快地 渡过这条河 好滑啊 这些石头很危险It doesnt look powerful,but theres enough force here to knock you clean off your feet.它看起来并不险恶 但是河水的力量足够 能让你滑倒A stick is vital.Travel with your body sideway to the current.因此一定要棍子用以撑 侧着身子在水流中行走Oh man.Like I said...more powerful than you imagine.天哪 就像我说的 水流比你想象得 力量更强大Not only far deep and it was no way I can follow that.That just took me.不仅很深 我都有点难度 我差点就没能成功Slow-moving rivers and lakes a raft can be the best way to cross.在流速缓慢的河流和湖泊 用筏子渡河再好不过Bamboo like this is ideal.Much better than when its living and doest have much moisture in it.这样的竹子 非常理想 比新鲜竹子好多了 而且水汽基本已蒸发干净In the deep south, a ruined shed provided all the material I needed.在南部深处 一个遗弃的小屋 就能给我提供我所需的一切And then all I need...one big plinths on the top and that would keep me onto the water.然后我还需要在上面装一个底座 可以使我浮在水面上and flow me across.If you have to cross alligator festered waters,take time to build a raft,会让我漂过去 如果你要通过有鳄鱼的河 就好好地做一个筏子buoyant enough to keep you above the surface and hide harms away.筏子的浮力必须足够撑你不沉下去 同时避开危险Just give it a go.Right now,here this is your time.我们来试试看 你的表现机会到了This is working pretty well.And no alligators gonna wanna take a bite of this.效果还不错 而且不会有鳄鱼想来咬这筏子201605/443899

But at 7:45 in the morning, Phoebe heads out on HER patrol.但到了早上7:45 菲比要出门巡逻了And Kato, hes at home.而凯托 正待在家里Watching nervously.谨慎地观望着A deeper look at the data suggests that the two cats深入分析数据得出 两只猫may be sharing the same space,也许在共享一片领地but not at the same time.但并非同时Katos out a lot, Katos out a lot late in the night here,凯托经常外出 通常是夜半时分and a few short forays in the morning.以及少数的清晨巡逻Phoebes active during the day,菲比在白天很活跃and mainly after lunch, in that period here.主要是午餐过后 对应这个部分Not much overlap in when theyre outside.他们的外出时间没有太大的交叉So when one was active outside, the other wasnt.一个在外巡逻时 另一个正待在家里- So we think what theyre doing is... - Avoiding each other.-我们认为他们正在 -避免遇见对方Yeah. Using a shift system,采用了一种轮换机制and the occasional time when it doesnt work,偶尔在他们相遇的时候- thats when youre getting a fight. - Right, OK.-就打起来了 -没错So its nice to know that they have got the shift system知道他们采用了这种机制令人很高兴and they are managing themselves.他们在自我调节重点解释:1.a few 一些(用于可数名词之前) 例句:A few anatomic mysteries remain unsolved.一些结构上的疑点仍未解答。2.each other 互相;各自例句;They took out their resentments on each other.他们互相发泄怨气。3.at the same time 同时; 尽管如此例句:At the same time, Id like to be sure its true.尽管如此,我还是想实它的真实性。201608/458615

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