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内蒙古呼和浩特首大生殖医院妇科咨询呼和浩特治疗不孕不育那个医院好呼和浩特市药流哪家医院最好的 26. Purchasing a Parking Permit 26.购买 停车许可A: The parking permit is 0 per semester, right?A:每半年的停车许可是200美元,对吗?B: Its actually 0.B:事实上是300美元。A: Why?! Thats ridiculous.A:为什么?太荒谬了。B: Its because of the budget cuts.B:由于预算消减。A: Thats a terrible excuse.A:这是一个糟糕的理由。B: Its the truth.B:这是事实。A: Give me something better than that.A:给我一个更好的理由。B: Miss, if you dont want to pay, then dont.B:,如果你不想付,那就别付。A: This is so stressful.A:这太有压力了。B: I advise writing a letter to the dean.B:我建议你给主任写封信。A: I bet hell just throw it away.A:我敢打赌他会扔掉它。B: You would be surprised. B:你会被惊倒的。 /201510/405113乌兰察布市妇幼保健医院腋臭科

呼市第一附属医院孕前检测多少钱呼和浩特市第一人民妇幼中医院输卵管再通术多少钱 惊叹Boy!哎哟!A: Boy! His girlfriend is really hot.How did they know each other?哎哟,他女朋友真够漂亮的!他们俩怎么认识的?B: It is said they are neighbors。据说他们是邻居。表示惊奇、兴奋、颂扬或厌恶。Thats news to me.我还没听说过。A: Yesterday a train was blown down by strong wind.昨天一列火车被大风吹翻了。B: Really? Thats news to me.真的吗?我还没听说过。I could hardly believe my ears.I couldnt believe my ears.我不相信我所听到的。I couldnt believe my eyes.我不相信我所看到的。hardly ad. 几乎不Youre kidding! No kidding!你在开玩笑吧!A:David and Julia are getting married.大卫和朱丽亚要结婚了。B:Youre kidding!你在开玩笑吧!It cant be true! Thats impossible! No way!这怎么可能!A: I heard Mr. Harry was fired.听说哈利先生被开除了。B:It cant be true!这怎么可能!Are you out of your mind? Are you crazy? Have you taken leave of your senses?你脑子出毛病了?out of ones mind“发狂”It dropped from the clouds. It appeared from the clouds.这使人措手不及。Are you serious?真的吗?A: Ill ask Elaine to marry me.我要向爱莲求婚。B:Are you serious?真的吗?用以对对方所说的话表示怀疑,不确定。与Are you kidding?意思相似。It was totally unexpected.I never expected it.这完全是意料之外。A: I heard your plan was selected.听说你的企划被采纳了。B: Yeah, it was totally unexpected.是啊,这完全是意料之外。I never have thought of it.我从未想到过。A: Jack and Lora are getting married.杰克和罗拉要结婚了。B: Really?l never have thought of it.真的吗?我从未想到过。Im surprised!What a surprise!我很惊讶!What a surprise!真令人吃惊!A: What a surprise! You had your hair permed?你把头发烫了。真令人吃惊!B: Yes, and another surprise. Im going to get married next Sunday.不错,还有让你吃惊的呢,我下周日就要结婚了。You scared me! You startled me! What a shock! Im shocked!你吓我一跳!表示对对方的言语行动感到非常吃惊。This really is a surprise!这真是想不到的事情!A: This really is a surprise! Youre home earlier than usual.这真是想不到的事情!你提前回来了。B: Ive got a bad cold. The doctor advised me to have a day off.我得了重感冒。大夫建议我休息一天。Im speechless. Im at a loss for words.I dont know what to say.我无言以对。I was taken aback.I almost lost it.我真是不知所措。be taken aback“吓一大跳,大吃一惊,惊得目瞪口呆,不知所措”What a nice surprise!真令人惊喜!A:You won the first prize!你得了一等奖。B: Oh, what a nice surprise!哇!真令人惊喜!Youre the last person to do that.没想到你会那么做。A: I quarreled with my boss.我和老板吵架了。B: Youre the last person to do that.没想到你会那么做。U cant believe it! Unbelievable! Incredible!我不相信!Thats extraordinary!真是有点异乎寻常!A: He ate three bowls of rice and one chicken at a meal.他一顿饭吃了三碗米饭和一只鸡。B: Thats extraordinary! It must cost you a fortune.真是有点异乎寻常!一定花了你不少钱。extraordinary a. 非常的,特别的,非凡的Poor thing!好可怜啊!A: I feel dizzy. My temperature is 38 degrees.我感到晕晕的。我的体温是38度。B: Poor thing! Go to bed Ill call Dr.Smith.好可怜啊!上床睡觉去,我给史密斯医生打电话。dizzy a. 晕眩的temperature n. 温度 /201501/353923呼伦贝尔市医院电话

呼和浩特新城区割痔疮需要多少钱unit 39机场道别dialogue英语情景对话A:Nick, its very nice of you to see me off.A:尼克,你来为我送行真是太好了。B:Youre welcome. Did you have a good time on this vacation?B:我非常乐意,你假期过得愉快吗?A:Very well. If I leave lll miss you.A:非常好。我离开后会想你的。B:Me too. Please write to me as soon as you get Boston.B:我也一样,请一到波士顿就给我写信。A:lm sure and I remembered your phone number. Ill call you.A:我保,而且我记住了你的电话,我会给你打电话的。B:OK, they begin to register.B:哦,他们开始登机了。A:lts time I left.A:我得走了。B:Have a nice joumey! Do give my regards to your parents.B:旅行愉快!代我向你的父母问好。 /201504/371267 本期内容:Sometimes we feel that we need to be someone else in order to fit in, be a better mother or wife, or portray an image that we believe everyone else will love. No matter how hard you try to be someone else you will never be good enough. You will do the best and be the happiest only if you stop living by someone else’s standards and start using your unique potential to shine like a light in this world.参考译文:有时我们会觉得:为了更好融入这世界,我们得扮成别人,比如当个称职的妈妈、妻子,或是扮演我们认为人人都会喜欢的形象。然而,无论你多努力,也永远当不了完美的“别人”。只有抛开别人的标准,挖掘自己的潜力,你才能成为最好、最快乐的自己。单词及实用短语:Fit in适应,适合,符合Live by someone else’s standard 按照别人的标准生活Unique英 [ ju#712;ni:k ] 美 [ ju#712;nik ] 唯一的,仅有的; 独一无二的,独特的例句:She has a unique ability of communicate with animals of all kinds.她有一种可以跟所有动物交流的独特能力。关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖! /201610/473428呼和浩特首大医生土默特左旗治疗内分泌哪家医院最好的



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