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Show off the natural beauty of your diamond ring by periodically cleaning it at home with a few common household products.使用一些常见的家庭物品,定期清洁你的钻戒,让它散发出钻石的天然美。You Will Need你需要1/4 c. ammonia1/4杯氨水Dishwashing liquid洗洁精Toothbrush牙刷Toothpaste牙膏Lint-free towel无绒的毛巾Rubber gloves (optional)橡胶手套(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Soak1.浸泡Soak the ring for 20 minutes in a mixture of 1 cup warm water and 1/4 cup ammonia.将1杯温水和1/4杯氨水混合,浸泡钻戒20分钟。Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.戴上橡胶手套来保护双手。STEP 2 Rinse2.清洗Rinse the ring in a solution of warm water with a splash of dishwashing liquid.用温水和洗洁精的混合溶液来清洗钻戒。STEP 3 Scrub gently3.轻柔地刷洗Gently scrub around the diamond and the ring with a toothbrush. Use the bristles of the toothbrush to clean hard-to-get-to areas around the diamond. Use toothpaste to scrub the diamond.用牙刷轻柔地刷洗钻石和戒指周围。用刷毛来清洁钻戒周围难以够到的部位。用牙膏来擦拭钻石。STEP 4 Rinse4.清洗Rinse the ring thoroughly with warm water.用温水彻底清洗钻戒。STEP 5 Dry5.擦干Set the ring on a lint-free towel and let it dry.把戒指放在无绒毛巾上,晾干。STEP 6 Show off6.展示Show off your sparkling clean diamond.现在可以炫耀一下闪闪发光清洁无尘的钻石了。Approximately 65 percent of all diamonds come from African countries.大约65%的钻石来自非洲国家。视频听力译文由。201409/331538

And he a bit invest in oiling and gas deals and kind of staying at home, doing that sort of thing. 他在家投资石油、天然气之类的生意And he, I think, was, was kind of ask him get back into something. And Mike and I hit it off very well. 我感觉他想干一番大事业,我俩聊得很投机And so Mike said, ;OK, Ill invest;, 最后Mike答应投资after a few weeks and I said ;No, we dont want your money , we want you.; 几周后我说我们不光要钱,我们希望你入伙So we convince Mike to actually throw in with us, as an euqal partner.于是Mike成了我们的合作伙伴And so Mike put in some money, and Mike put in himself, and three of us went off. 他不仅投资,还参与创业,我们就这样起步了We took this design, and it was virtually done as an Apple II, and tooled it up, and announced it, a few months later at the West Coast Computer Faire.我们拿出Apple II的设计,召开新闻发布会,几个月后Apple II首次在西海岸计算机展览会上露面What was that like?情况怎么样?It was great. We got the best, you know this West Coast Computer Faire was small at that time, 妙不可言,Apple II最受欢迎。那时西海岸计算机展览会规模不大but to us it was very large, 但对我们而言已经很大了and, so we had this fantastic booth there, er, we had a projection television showing the Apple II and showing its graphics 。我们在展台上用投影展示Apple II和它的图形界面which today look very cool but at that time were by far the most advanced graphics on the personal computer. 现在看有些简单,但当时是PC上最先进的图形界面And I think, you know, my recollection is that we stole the show, and a lot of dealers and distributors started lining up and we were off and running.我们出尽了风头,批发商和经销商蜂拥而至,进展非常顺利。How old were you?当时你多大?21.2121? you were 21 and you were a big success, you have just sort of done it by the seat of your pants. You don’t have any particular training on this. 21岁就这么大成功。可你从来没有这方面的经验,完全是凭直觉How do you learn to run a company?你是怎么学会管理公司的? /201306/243832

  视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》This is the White Desert, in Egypt.眼前是埃及境内的白沙漠The landscape is littered with giant chalk pillars,此处遍布着巨大的柱形白垩carved by innumerable sandstorms.是由长期的风沙侵蚀而成This glaring white oven is lethally hot.这些耀眼的白岩石极其炙热Food here is almost non-existent.在这里根本无法找到食物But theres a rare gift from a passing camel.但路过此处的骆驼会留下珍贵的小礼物The smell has lured dung beetles from miles around.粪便的气味能够引来数英里外的蜣螂For them, this is manna from heaven.对他们来说 这就是天上掉下的馅饼One dung ball could provide enough food一个粪球足以供这只雌蜣螂to last this female beetle the rest of her life.享用一辈子了But she has a problem.但她面临一个问题To keep it fresh,为了保持粪便的新鲜she must bury it in moist ground.她必须把粪球埋入潮湿的土壤中And thats not easy to find.那可不容易找到The temperature has aly risen ten degrees.此时 温度已上升了10度This lizard avoids the roasting sand.这只蜥蜴逃离了炽热的沙地Only 30 centimetres above the surface,虽然离地面只有30厘米its significantly cooler.但已经凉快多了201404/293246


  You simply adore your new amour! But your friends? Not so much. Find out whats really going on.你对自己的新恋情非常满意。但是你的朋友呢?未必如此。最好找出出现这种情况的原因。You Will Need你需要Introspection反省Understanding理解Diplomacy外交手腕Steps步骤STEP 1 Quiz your pals1.盘问朋友Ask your friends to tell you exactly what it is they dont like about your significant other. Make them give you specific examples of the behavior they dont like.问一下你的朋友,确切地因为什么原因不喜欢你的另一半。让他们给出不喜欢的行为的具体例子。STEP 2 Be honest2.诚实Be honest with yourself. Are their feelings at all valid? Do they not like the person youre dating because he or she doesnt treat you well, or is reckless in some way?对自己坦诚。他们的感受有正当依据吗?他们不喜欢你的恋人是因为恋人对你不好,还是某些方面比较粗心大意?If every single one of your friends hates your beloved, face the fact that they probably see something you dont. After all,its unlikely that everyone is wrong except you.如果你的每一位朋友都讨厌你的恋人,面对现实,他们可能看到了某些你没看到的方面。毕竟,不可能除了你之外其他人都是错的。STEP 3 Examine your own behavior3.审视自己的行为Assuming there is no good reason why your friends hate your new love, examine your own behavior. Could your friends actually be annoyed with you for abandoning them, and your significant other is just taking the blame?假设你的朋友讨厌你的新恋人没有好的理由,那就要审视一下自己的行为。是不是你的朋友不满你抛弃了他们,导致你的恋人被他们迁怒?Friends often begin to dislike a significant other because of all the bad things they hear about the person from you after a lovers quarrel. So if youre going to vent, be sure to mention good deeds, too.朋友开始讨厌你的恋人通常是因为你们两人吵架后你唠叨对方不好的事情。所以,如果你想发泄的话,最好也提一下对方比较好的行为。STEP 4 Force them together4.强迫他们和谐共处Plan an event where everyone can get to know each other better. Maybe your friends just need to see for themselves that your significant other is truly great.策划一次活动,大家可以更好地互相了解。或许你的朋友需要亲眼实你的恋人很好。STEP 5 Reassure them5.安抚朋友Reassure your friends that they are no less important to you now that you are in love. Tell them you are happy, and ask them to try to be happy for you.向你的朋友们保,即使你恋爱了,他们对你来说也一样重要。告诉他们你很开心,请他们也为你开心。STEP 6 Make time for them6.为朋友安排时间Make time for your friends. One reason friends arent supportive when a member of the gang falls in love is because they fear losing their pal. Continue to make room for them in your life, and they just might come to accept who youre dating.为朋友安排时间。当朋友圈里的一人开始谈恋爱时,朋友们反对的一个原因就是担心失去朋友。在生活中为他们保留一点时间和空间,他们或许就会接受你恋爱了。According to one survey, teens identified their significant others as having the biggest impact on their self-images.根据一项调查,青少年认为他们的恋人对自己的形象有着最大的影响。视频听力译文由。201406/305629

  Two Popes Made Saints In Historic CeremonyThe Canonisation of John Paul II and John XXIII takes place in Rome in a historic day for Roman Catholics across the world.新闻背景:罗马教皇弗朗西斯一世追封前教皇约翰·保罗二世(John Paul II)和约翰二十三世(John XXIII)为圣徒,这是迄今为止,罗马天主教历史上第一次双追封仪式。2014年4月27日,教皇弗朗西斯庄严宣布:“我们将神圣的约翰二十三世和约翰保罗二世追封为圣徒,这意味着他们会受到整个教会的崇敬。”报道称,来自世界各地的50万名朝圣者聚集在圣彼得广场(St. Peteramp;apos;s Square)周围,参加这一精心策划的活动。同时,退休教皇本笃十六世( Benedict XVI)出席了此仪式。在位和退休教皇一起在公共场合参加庆祝仪式,这也是罗马教廷前所未有的第一次。 From Saint Peters to the Tiber, pilgrim thronged roads radiating from the Vatican, the faithful clustered under ominous skies to witness an event with no equal, two living popes horning two predecessors. At the start of the 2-hour service, Francis warmly greeted the frail 87-year old Benedict, the pope emeritus, their embrace triggering a wave of applause.As tradition dictates, the reigning pope would petition 3 times to bestow saint to John John XXIII and John Paul II. After due deliberation of frequent prayer for the divine assistance, and having sought the counsel of many of our brother bishops, we declare and define blessed John XXIII and John Paul II, be saints, and we enroll them among the saints, decreeing that they are to be venerated as such by the whole church.He then kissed relics of the two men and with that, their status was conferred. The service included psalms, hymns and gospel ings, then a homily in which Francis explained his decision to canonize john and John Paul the reformer and the traditionalist.Those were two men of courage, filled with a holy spirit, and they bore witness before the church and the world to God’s goodness and mercy. They were priests, bishops and popes of the 20th century. They lived through the tragic events of the century, but they were not overwhelmed by them. For them, God was more powerful.Communion followed on the obligatory photo opportunities with the various delegations before Francis took to the mode of transport pioneered by Saint John Paul—the pope mobile, his deft handwork impressing the crowd as he waved and smiled in response to the cheers and thrown tributes. And now 3.5 hours after the service, for a starter, this enormous crowd has started to melt into the streets around the Vatican City, a logistical feat in itself, for an event which has cost close to 5 million pounds to stage. The departing crowd showed signs of elation and exhaustion; many had had a sleepless night defending the best spot to watch history unfold.The atmosphere was joyful, it was peaceful, it was a truly bless.Oh, it was joyful, you know, like, just to be around the people and hear them singing.Incredible, I really felt gifted to be here, soJohn Paul II changed my life, so it was just a huge blessing to be here.As the church continues to tackle declining membership in the west and its handling of clerical sex abuse cases, this event clearly buoy the faithful, its scale matching the enormous expectations. /201405/294342

  Argentina has marked the 31st anniversary of the Argentine Air Forces involvement in the 1982 Malvinas War with Britain.A moment of silence was observed while C-130 Hercules aircraft belonging to the Argentine Air Force flew overhead. Veterans of the 74-day-long conflict watched with their families during the ceremony.马尔维纳斯群岛战争,简称马岛战争。也有部分媒体简称为福岛战争,是1982年4月到6月间,英国和阿根廷为争夺马岛的主权而爆发的一场战争。201306/244231





  Living here is difficult indeed.在这里生活实在是不容易Its March,现在是三月and high on these cathedral cliffs,在这片巨大悬崖高处ibex have given birth.野山羊已经产下宝宝For the first few days the kids were kept safe,刚出生几天的小羊 在与世隔绝的崖顶isolated on the cliff tops.很安全But now the ibex have a problem.但现在野山羊碰上一个问题The only food and water is far below at the bottom of the gorge.唯一的食物和水源 位于下方远处的峡谷底部And that is where predators lurk.那里也有掠食动物埋伏If theyre to feed, its a risk they will have to take.如果要进食 这是无法避免的风险The adults lead the way.成年野山羊带头前进They know the safest routes.它们知道最安全的路径Though safe, here, is a relative term.但是在这里 安全只是相对性的说法201309/257275

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